A Simple Plan For Investigating Curtains

August 29, 2016

How to Choose The Right Window Shades and Blinds If you’re looking for a way to get some extra privacy against prying eyes and protection against harsh sunlight while still maintaining the decorative style of your interior, consider buying window shades and blinds. However, when it comes to choosing shades and blinds, you should take note of a few considerations to ensure that the ones you’ve purchased are just right for you. 1. Avoid Too Many Prints and Colors Accent furniture and even accent walls are no longer uncommon, but if you were planning to use your shades or blinds as an accent for your home, you should reconsider. Using blinds or shades that are too brightly colored or that have lots of confusing prints can work against your interior’s appearance. When it comes to color, it’s always best to get those that are more neutral and light. Choose a pattern that matches your interior if you really need to choose one with prints. 2. Always Go for Light Fabrics – Heavy, dark drapes do make a very unique statement, but unless you work going for a dramatic interior, you would be much better off with lighter fabrics. Allow lots of light into your space with pleated shades which can also provide enough privacy for the careful homeowner.
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3. Go for Textured Shades – To make up for missing decorative appeal and aesthetic, you can go for textured shades and blinds. There are a lot of different options you can choose from when looking for textured shades and blinds, so you can be sure to get something just right for your space. Leveraging textures like rattan and bamboo won’t just add significant decorative appeal to your space but will also provide you just enough privacy to keep you feeling comfortable and safe wherever in your home you might be.
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4. Pinpoint Areas of Direct Sunlight – You probably already noticed that the different areas in your house are all doused in sunlight at different intensities at different hours of the day, which should make you think about the thickness of the window treatments you choose for specific areas. Areas in your home that don’t experience too much sunlight can be treated with window shades and blinds that aren’t too thick or heavy so that natural light can be filtered and allowed through for a comfortable and airy appearance. Be sure to match your heavier blinds with those around it however, as fitting one window with shades that are different from the rest can make the space look a little confusing. Get the perfect shades for your space today by keeping these simple tips and tricks in mind.